Gold Filled Dog Paw Bone Earrings


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Looking for a charming accessory that celebrates your love for dogs? Look no further than these adorable tiny dog paw and bone earrings. Crafted from durable and long-lasting gold-filled material, these earrings are the perfect way to add a touch of dog-inspired pieces to any outfit. Whether you're a dog owner yourself or simply appreciate the loyal and loving companionship of these furry friends, these tiny earrings are sure to make a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection.

Product Details

  • Sold in A Pair
  • PAW size: 1/4" X 1/4" (7mm X 7mm)
  • BONE size: 5/16" X 3/16" (8mm X 5mm)

Color & Material

  • 14K Gold-filled over brass
  • Crystal cubic zirconia stones