What is Costume Jewelry?
Costume Jewelry is simply an imitation of the “real thing”. That being said, it requires extra care to keep your favorite pieces looking good. It is important to remember that even though fashion jewelry resembles real gold or silver, it can tarnish or fade if treated improperly. Never expect costume jewelry to last forever, inevitably you will have to say goodbye to the styles you love the very most.
How to store?
Costume jewelry doesn’t like is air, dust or sun! You can find storage solutions that hang in your closet with bunches of clear zipper compartments, this is ideal and makes it quick to find the piece you’re looking for.
Keeping your jewelry stored carefully will prevent tarnishing and damage dramatically.
What is your jewelry made of?
Primarily the items on our website are made of brass or zinc plated in gold, silver or rose gold. Chains, lobster claw closures, beads and other jewelry parts can also be made from brass, plastic or glass. If you have questions about a specific item, please contact us at baublesky@gmail.com
Is Bauble Sky Fashion Jewelry Nickel Free?
Yes it is! If you or someone you love has a nickel allergy bauble sky, our jewelry can be worn with confidence.
The majority of our jewelry is nickel-free, but it is not guaranteed unless stated explicitly in the item description.
How to Care?
Plating on fashion jewelry can tarnish if worn improperly. If at all possible, do not wear the same piece day in day out. Try to rotate through your favorites to avoid constant contact with your skin.
When in doubt, take it off! Exposure to water, dirt, chemicals, soaps, hairspray, perfumes, lotions and sweat can harm the plating on costume jewelry.