Crescent Resin Hoop Earrings


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Introducing our exquisite mid-scale unique crescent resin long ear wired hoop earrings. These stunning earrings feature a captivating design, with one side boasting a sleek metal finish and the other side adorned with vibrant colors, allowing you to wear them in multiple ways.

To add a touch of luxury, we offer abalone shell options crafted from genuine abalone shells. Experience the natural beauty and iridescent allure of these unique earrings, making a statement wherever you go.

Product Details
  • Size: 1 3/8 "X 2" (36mm X 53mm)

Color & Material
  • Gold & Silver plated brass metal
  • Colored resin 
  • [MULTI] Multi tone resin
  • [RED TURQUOISE] Red & blue tone resin
  • [BLUE] Dark blue resin 
  • [TORTOISE] brown tortoise tone resin
  • [GREEN BROWN] Dark green & brown mixed resin 
  • [SNAKE] Snake skin pattern resin 
  • [Gold Mint Flake] Light mint resin with golden flake 
  • [Silver Blue Flake] Light blue resin with silver flake 
  • [MINT] Mint & peach mixed resin 
  • [YELLOW]Yellow, white & orange mixed resin
  • [GREEN] Green multi tone resin
  • Genuine Abalone shell

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